Want some blistering fusion? Check out “Heavy Resin”

The most slamming track from Karizma’s 2001 live release (the album is called “Document”) is “Heavy Resin.” Aptly titled, listening to this track while under a smoke induced haze might make your head explode. The entire tune is in 11/8, but even so, the tune grooves. Of course, the band […]

Frank Zappa on How to Run Your Band

I ran across this video the other day. It’s based on a 1984 audio interview with Frank Zappa (source unknown), with animation by Carl King and an original score by Stephen Cox. I found it on YouTube on a great fan page by “zappainfrance” Check it out. If you’re a […]

LEVEL5’s Sybil on Canada’s CKCU FM

Ottawa’s “Mighty 93.1” will be spinning the debut track from LEVEL5’s upcoming EP this coming Wednesday between 3:30 and 4:30pm. The show is called “Pure Radio Kaos” and it features alternative and progressive music with a big emphasis on Frank Zappa’s life and music. Check it out. It’s a great […]